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Sunday School

Sunday School


Religious education is both a privilege and a necessity for our Orthodox faith.  Through our program, we will work diligently with your children to develop a strong foundation so that he/she is able to make the right choices in today’s changing, and complex times.  We will be educating your child with the knowledge necessary to save our faith, as well as informing them of what our faith is about.


The gift of Orthodoxy is not only our religion, it is our way of life that we must preserve and pass along to the young people of our parish. Our faith offers us 2000 years of worship, traditions, wisdom, experience and witness, given to us by Jesus Christ himself.


Our Sunday School program at Kimisis Theotokou strives to keep this faith alive for our children.  We have developed a curriculum so that our children are educated in all aspects of our faith from the time they start as a three-year-old, until the time they graduate.  The curriculum covers God, worship, the Church, Jesus Christ, Saints and prayer. The 6th-10thGrades curriculum incorporates symbolism in the Church, iconography, the Sacraments, and the history of religions.  The students will be partaking in the Divine Liturgy service once a month. To enhance the weekly lessons, we will be scheduling Curriculum Enrichment Activities, such as videos, lectures on various topics and hands-on projects.  Our goal is to deepen our students’ knowledge of our faith and to teach them to become active participants in our community.

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